What rental car companies offer gift cards ?

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Some companies, to promote understanding and good collaboration with their members, are adopting the gift card system. This is a benefit that fuels their motivation and loyalty at work. This is a fairly effective way to increase the productivity of the business. In this article, let’s outline the car rental companies using this method.


Among the car rental giants of the world, rentalcar is easily making their mark. Whether you are in Greece, Portugal, France or Spain, make your reservation and at a lower cost. The gift card offered by this company bears the name of wedoogift, which only offers advantages that are virtually accessible.

Thanks to it, take advantage of a superb promotion on the rental of the car of your choice. Note that auto insurance is not supported by the gift card. It only applies at the time of payment when you must enter your personal information and do the validation.

Apart from the wedoogift voucher, there is a new form of gift card called Mobizy. It is developed by Rentalcar, so it can only be used at its level where the driver has rental vouchers of a short term and single use. All he has to do is select a category of car that he likes, obviously taking his portfolio into account. The main advantage is that it can be used between employees of the same company.


It is a large company, established in 1949, whose objectives are to provide a solution to constant mobility. Based in France, it provides you with passenger vehicles, utility vehicles (regularly requested for removals and transport of materials), etc. Thanks to the gift card it makes available, which you can resell without any problem, take advantage of numerous discounts on Nike and Adidas brand products. This is a testament to the fact that it is not just for car rental.

You get 5% off every Nike-branded item and 4% off Nike-branded items, saving nearly € 44 on one side and € 72 on the other. She sends it to you by email, and unlike Mobizy from Rentalcar, the Europcar gift voucher is multi-use.


It is a large corporation with many subsidiaries such as Hertz global, Hertz holding, and over 12,000 other companies. They are based in the United States mainly in Florida and are called upon internally and externally. It should also be noted that it owns a large share of Rentalcar.

Through the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program, it exceeds the expectations of a regular gift card. The benefits Hertz offers extend to broader areas just with a platinum card. All the services offered through the promo code take into account the provision of a driver and additional time to return the car.

Only members can claim to enjoy its benefits among many others. Therefore, direct registration via their platform is required.