How much does a chatbot agency cost ?

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With the rise of conversational commerce, chatbots have become the number one element for creating interactions with potential customers. These bots are used on social media such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp as well as on websites or mobile software. However, a chatbot cannot replace a real conversation with a person. It still has benefits that can improve customer support and provide added value to the company. What is a chatbot in reality, and how to estimate its price? Find answers here.

What is the price of a chatbot and what does it contain?

A chatbot is totally customizable and that’s why it’s very complicated to give a price schedule. Generally, web agencies or freelancers work by issuing proposals for a complete package of services, either by setting a price per hour or per day. This price can vary from twenty to several hundred euros depending on the sector of activity and the experience of the provider. In any case, regardless of the service provider you may call upon, it is important to draw up an estimate that specifies the characteristics of the task to be accomplished and the expectations that may result from it. Otherwise, the more you invest, the less the bill will increase.

To get an idea of the budget to be mobilized, it is recommended to make use of its free price calculator. To estimate the price of your chatbot, you can submit a free project on You will instantly receive several quotes from technicians without any obligation or constraint.

Note that application designers charge between 25,000 and 100,000 euros for a bot that can be adjusted according to your preferences. The price of a chatbot with artificial intelligence is between 40 000 and 100 thousand euros.

Who to refer to when creating a chatbot?

If you are convinced of the performance of a conversational assistant, but are not able to assume all or some points, you can seek help from computer technicians, including:

  • a Developer for the creation of a chatbot really personalized and that meets the expectations,
  • a web editor to write relevant and catchy scripts,
  • a web marketer for a detailed study of the needs and solutions to be provided.

A freelance web marketer will be able to put the project at the heart of the web marketing policy set up while ensuring the improvement of the user experience.

How to configure and take care of your chatbot?

A chatbot has a database that allows it to have a stock of available answers. However, it is useful to train its natural language understanding algorithm to provide answers to more complex questions such as those asking for “the train schedule from Lyon to Paris tomorrow at 10 am”. To do this, it is recommended to program the scope of the existing questions, but also the answers, while using teams for consecutive series of tests.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure permanent maintenance of the virtual assistant, as this monitoring allows to control the level of assimilation of the chatbot. In case of rejection, training phases can be initiated but this time under the supervision of an IT technician, proof that behind the machine there is always human capital.