Are there home automation outdoor lights ?

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As summer approaches, the outdoor spaces are suitably designed to take full advantage of the summer climate. Spending the evenings in the garden or on the terrace, however, requires functional lighting. How about smart outdoor lighting?

What are the home automation solutions for outdoor lighting?

There are many home automation solutions to light your exteriors. You have the choice to keep your classic lights or to replace them with more suitable ones. By choosing the first option, you will need to call on a company specializing in the automation of joinery, accessories, and equipment.

Tailor-made installations

Delta Dore, Legrand, and Somfy are the most renowned professionals in this sector. They support households in setting up tailor-made smart lighting in their outdoor spaces.

Each of these companies allows you to benefit from certain privileges by offering home automation lighting for your garden. Remember to assess your needs to use the right provider.

Smart outdoor lighting

You will find smart lighting on the market that you can install directly in your relaxation area. Philips is the leading brand in this sector. It offers a wide range of smart outdoor lighting products.

Other brands like Sylvania also market home automation and multicolored lighting. The advantage offered by this brand remains the great possibility of home automation integration. It should also be noted that its lights are presented in a very refined aesthetic.

What control options do outdoor home automation lights offer?

With the intelligent interior lighting, it is possible to choose from numerous piloting options. This also applies to outdoor home automation luminaires.

The motion detector

Thanks to the motion detector module, you will no longer turn on your lights with a switch. The lighting is activated automatically as soon as movement is detected in the garden or on the terrace. Likewise, it turns off automatically following your passage. This mode of operation is very practical for illuminating a small alley located between the gate and the entrance to the house in the evening.

The intensity variator

Home automation is also the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the exterior lighting according to your needs. Very fashionable in recent years, this practice remains very useful for animating barbecue evenings, a candlelit dinner or an evening with friends. It’s up to you to vary the degree of brightness to your liking to adapt it to all occasions. It is even possible to accompany your evenings with colored bulbs.

Control from a device

Thanks to smart lighting, households can now conveniently control outdoor lights with a smartphone or remote control. The first option is particularly appreciated for its practicality and accessibility. It gives you the ability to turn the garden lighting on and off from your mobile phone screen.

Piloting by voice

Voice commands have gradually become part of our daily lives. This functionality is also found in the management of connected objects. If it is only applied to indoor lighting for the moment, we could soon see its integration into outdoor lighting.