How much does it cost to install a bathroom vanity ?

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Installing a piece of furniture in your bathroom is a good option. In addition to providing storage space, this furniture adds a touch to the decoration of this space. Think of a sink cabinet. This could be installed when building or renovating your old bathroom. This guide provides you with information to get an idea of ​​the budget to plan for such a piece of furniture!

The price of installing a vanity cabinet in a bathroom

The installation of a vanity cabinet for a bathroom costs on average between 300 and 3,800 dollars. It depends on the size of the cabinet, the materials used, the number of sinks as well as the design and style of the cabinet. The price may also vary depending on the desired service. For example, replacing the plumbing will cost more than a simple installation.

Factors that influence the cost of installing a sink cabinet

The price of installing a Vanity cabinet for your bathroom can vary depending on several factors.

Removal and disposal of the old device

Removing a cabinet from your bathroom could cost you between $ 115 and $ 500. Furniture with larger dimensions will take more time to disassemble and therefore cost more.

Labor for installation

The labor for installing your Vanity cabinet will cost you an average of $ 100 per hour. This rate may still vary depending on other parameters.

The price of a vanity unit for a double sink

Installing a vanity unit that will be below two sinks is more expensive than installing a single sink. Even if the purchase price of the vanity unit does not differ with the number of sinks, you will still need to purchase additional accessories.

The cost of counters

The cost of a vanity cabinet for a bathroom can vary considerably depending on the choice of countertop. For example, an already assembled counter with a built-in sink will be purchased for at least $ 200 and $ 500 at most, on average. However, this may increase depending on the material and the size of the latter. High-quality materials and bespoke workmanship drive up the price.

The method to install a Vanity cabinet at a reduced price

You can reduce the cost of installing your Vanity cabinet for your bathroom by following a few tips.

Shop around

Visit the different suppliers who market the Vanity bathroom cabinet of your choice. You can then try to negotiate a better price with each of them and set your sights on the one that suits you best.

Choose a versatile plumber

If you need to change the plumbing lines after installing the cabinet, choose a plumber who can do both jobs. You will thus avoid hiring two professionals, and you will reduce your expenses.

Do the DIY yourself

You can install your Vanity cabinet yourself if you have the necessary tools and skills. This will save you the money you paid for labor. You just have to make sure that your installation is well done.