Which company to contact to install your patio ?

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A terrace is a living and relaxing space connected or not to a building. It saves additional square meters and enhances its premises. It can be constructed from wood, composite, tile, stone, or concrete slabs. There are also several types of terraces, depending on the feeling and the purpose. Single-story terrace, on stilts, roof terrace, or on two floors, how to find a good professional for the construction of your patio? Here are the main criteria for choosing a provider.

The service provider’s references

Building a patio requires a few skills to be done properly. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you must therefore entrust the installation of your terrace to a professional with good references. Indeed, what better than references to evaluate a service provider?

Find out about the projects already carried out by consulting its catalog. Talking to some of his clients will also give you a better idea of ​​the quality of his work. Word of mouth is also an essential avenue that saves time in this area. Ask your family and friends who have already built their terrace to find a reliable service provider.

The Internet is also a quick source of information for finding a professional based on the importance of the work to be done. You have the possibility of having exhaustive information on several companies, by consulting their references on their website.

The tariff

Once you’ve made contact with professionals, ask for a detailed quote to make a thoughtful choice. Depending on the size of the work, the cost can represent a real investment. It is therefore not to be overlooked. The choice of materials, the type of terrace, the technical aspects must be specified.

Payment terms and deadlines must also be taken into account. The facilities offered by the service provider can be used as a guarantee. It must be transparent and provide all the necessary information. Know that you have the ability to negotiate the best price is the one that fits your budget.

Follow-up after works

A good provider is a partner of choice who can support you over a very long period. Its availability and speed of intervention are essential factors to take into account. Indeed, he can intervene for ancillary work to the construction of the terrace, such as the installation of the lighting system.

He is also responsible for the safety and durability of his work. Its mission, therefore, continues even after the completion of the terrace, it can be called upon for renovations. A good service provider must therefore have the technical skills and human resources to deal with unforeseen events and/or changes.

Some companies offer administrative support to apply for a building permit or prior declaration of work. This criterion will strengthen the credibility of the service provider and establish a strong relationship of trust.

Good to know!

A terrace is considered new construction and requires a building permit. Before starting work, consult your municipality to receive regulatory information. In the event of non-compliance with the regulations, you expose yourself to certain penalties, such as the destruction of the terrace at your expense, a fine.