What to write on personalized gift for fiance ?

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It is already very difficult to find the right gift for your partner. It is even more to write a word to go along with it. However, it does matter, because it will affect the person. There are several ways you can go about it. You can write a personal note or refer to a famous author or movie or a combination of the two. You can choose from humorous, cultural quotes and even song lyrics. Here are some tips on how to do it.

The card on which to write your message

Love is the most beautiful thing there is, but sometimes you have a hard time finding the right words when it comes to giving a gift. There is also a wide choice of where to write the message. Note that depending on the event, the support will not be the same. For a birthday, there are the traditional birthday cards and when it comes to love, you are captivated by the desire to choose what could be enchanted just by the look.

It is easier today to get cards printed with pretty designs of hearts, flowers, and colors of love. They are all more original from each other. You can also write your message on a medium other than a card according to your imagination, you can write your message on a t-shirt, a photo, a flag, and even a soft toy. All you need to do is bring a felt-tip pen or a pen.

The actual message

Love as if it rains, your post has to be romantic, and this is the perfect opportunity to express your feelings as differently as possible. It is equally true that a word is personal, and it will be different depending on your history with the person, what they mean to you. You can evoke a moment shared together whether it is a vacation or something more complicated, the main thing is that it has become a good memory. Write anecdotes. More generally you can wish good wishes.

The important thing is to write from your heart and let your imagination run wild. It is quite possible to use famous author quotes to complete your personal message, just as you can start with poems. For example, around the gift you can add:

  • “No one can give me a better gift than to feel loved” – Mercia Tweedale
  • “It’s been burning my lips for a long time, but writing it to you is easier. I want to tell you that I love you “.
  • “When I see you my heart races, you spilled my heart without knowing it. This word to let you know how much I love you “.
  • “I take this day to declare my love to you. I love you, I hope we will never leave each other again “.
  • “Your gaze has captivated me completely, I would like to never leave it”.
  • “I give you this gift today, but my heart is yours forever.”

All the sentences you come across will be perfect. However, starting out with originality while making your heart speak would be the nicest thing in the world.