How much is to book a private driver in Crete ?

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After the descent at Crete airport, it is essential to secure the services of a private driver for any trips you may have. It is important to make your reservation in advance, well before you land in the area. As a result, you will not have any difficulty in quickly having a pick-up or a simple car at your disposal. Since in Crete there are several airports, the cost of booking a private driver varies depending on the distance, type of driver, or the length of your journey. Here are some things to refresh your ideas.

The criteria for varying the cost of a private driver’s reservation in Crete and some prices

In particular, there are several modern companies on the island of Crete dedicated to the transport of people and goods. Most provide professional taxis to best satisfy customers. However, the cost of booking a private driver varies depending on a few criteria.


The vehicles used vary according to each establishment. Some companies offer the new Mercedes Benz models giving more driving comfort and safety. The services offered are not limited only to transport, but also to sightseeing. There are other models of vehicles such as sedans, Toyota, Honda, and many more. It is important to know that each company offers specific vehicles. You can have access to air conditioning, which is obvious, but also to the internet connection, which allows you to navigate during your trip.

The distance

Distance determines the price of a reservation. All prices are by taxi. Usually, drivers will be waiting for you at a predefined location with a poster featuring your name. The maximum number of passengers in the vehicle is four per taxi. During your reservation, you will receive all the essential information in your mailbox.

Table showing some prices

Crete taxi / Taxi forOne way ticketReturnDistanceDuration
Taxi for Heraklion town17 €14 €8 km15 minutes
Taxi for Chana city150 €145 €142 km100 min
Taxi for Almirida134 €125 €127 km110 min
Taxi for Kalives125 €120 €120 km130 min
Taxi for Panormo74 €70 €62 km70 min
Taxi for Sitia148 €142 €130 km150 min
Taxi for Maleme155 €150 €157 km120 min

It should also be noted that the cost of booking a private driver in Crete is also defined according to the number of adults or children in the transport.

Taxi fare from airports

Depending on the airport you land at, the cost of the trip with a taxi from the airport to a given city will be approximately between 16 euros or 155 euros. Although there are always vehicles available at the airport, it is recommended that you make your taxi reservation in advance to avoid misunderstandings. Now you have an idea about the rates for booking a driver in Crete. We hope that on your next trip to the island you will have the opportunity to find better deals and choose the one that suits you. In general, payments are made directly to the path at the end of the journey.