How to become a private taxi driver in New York ?

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Becoming a taxi driver in New York is a complex process that consists of several processes. Also, it is important to be well-informed about the sector before any attempt. Among other things, you must learn to differentiate between the two varieties of taxis available in the city. These are medallion yellow and green ones. More details on the requirements to become a taxi driver in New York.

Ensure compliance with basic requirements

To apply for a taxi license, one must be at least nineteen years of age and have in possession a valid driver’s license from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania. If you have a driver’s license in New York, it must take into account those of classes A, B, C or E, because these are the only types of license accepted.

If you also have a New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania driver’s license, it must be equivalent to New York State Class A, B, C, or E. If, on the other hand, you do not have a driver’s license, it can be obtained from the motor vehicle department in your region. Requirements for obtaining a driver’s license vary from state to state but very often take into account having a valid driver’s license, being at least seventeen years old, passing the driver’s exam, the vision check-up, and paying a small fee. It should be noted that the antecedents related to offenses can lead to the refusal of the permit.

Gather the necessary documents

The documents required to be a driver in the United States and therefore in New York are among others, the driving record, the actual social security card. Copies and plastic cards are rejected. A TLC medical form and a request form are also requested in the file. You must also obtain a stamped or sealed copy of your certified summary or driver’s record from the nearest DMV.

Finally, it helps to make sure your finances are in order and be able to demonstrate that you have no traffic violations or pending traffic tickets. If the license available was issued in New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania, you will need to provide a certified DMV statement that confirms that no fines are available. You will also need to complete a maintenance certification form to indicate that you have no outstanding support payments.

After submitting the application, one must take and pass a drug test at a TLC-certified center for a fee of twenty-six dollars. Therefore, a training course on wheelchair-accessible cars will be required at a cost of sixty dollars. These are some provisions necessary to practice the profession of a private driver in New York State in the United States.