What is search engine optimization and how can it help you get more hits on your website ?

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To increase their chance to promote their products or services, more and more companies are going through SEO. This marketing technique has many benefits for businesses, but you still need to know what it is, and how to use it effectively.

Search Engine Optimization: What Is It?

Search engine optimization can be defined as the set of techniques used by companies to improve the position of their website or a web page in the search engine results or SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in English, this term also refers to what can be called “natural referencing”.

SEO allows companies to increase their visibility when searching for information by Internet users on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, for example. The objective of natural referencing is to act on natural traffic, in other words, on traffic from natural search engine results by placing your site or page among the first results of Internet users’ searches. When the company’s site manages to gain a good position in the SERPs, then this site is said to be optimized or referenced.

How to increase traffic to your website with SEO?

Good search engine positioning is often the key to increasing traffic to your website or web page. However, using SEO is not as easy as it seems. This technique requires the mastery of certain tools and the use of strategies that depend on the objectives pursued by the company, but also on the means at its disposal.

Use keywords

By placing yourself among the first results of user requests, you manage to push them to visit your site or page. Indeed, according to studies, more than 75% of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of search results. In other words, by ranking in the top 10 sites to appear on Google, Bing or other search engines, you attract more people to your business.

One way to successfully increase your traffic is to target your traffic through the use of keywords. Thanks to keywords, your business is more likely to appear in the SERPs and therefore generate more interest from users.

Improve the user experience

Being in the top search engine results is sometimes not enough to drive traffic to your website. You can also increase your traffic by setting up quality content that really answers the questions of Internet users.

Browsing a website or visiting web pages whose content is optimized for natural referencing is often simple and enjoyable for Internet users. This is indeed content that meets their demand (page loading visit, attractive and interactive content, etc.).

A good experience for users of your site can convince them to share their experiences with their relatives and friends. By keeping more visitors to your page, a positive signal is sent to Google which improves your ranking. In other words, the better the user experience, the more likely you are to improve your traffic.