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Creation owes its source to a supreme being. This being is recognized as God. He makes himself known to men by various means. One of the most famous of these channels is the Koran. It is available in all languages ​​to allow people of all cultures to know God. Here is what you should know about the content of the English Koran.

God’s message

One of the greatest assertions that the Qur’an sustains is the irrefutable existence of the Most High God, the One, and the Indivisible. The Holy Book affirms its uniqueness in all of its Suras. According to the Quran, God is above all that exists, and he is its Creator. By reading the Quran, we simply understand that God is unique and that nothing in this world can claim to have his attributes.

By addressing the attributes of God, the Qur’an gives it uniqueness in everything. One of the greatest attributes of God stated in the Quran is his perfection. God is perfect and everything He does bears the mark of perfection. This message makes Him the center of everything that exists on earth and in the universe.

The message about men

God is the creator of men. He created them out of love, and this love led Him to endow them with special abilities. God has endowed men with reason, with possibilities in making choices, and also with morality. Besides these gifts, God made him a responsible creature. On the basis of this responsibility, man recognizes him as the supreme and instigator of everything.

However, man owes worship to his God. Men recognize God as the One who gives them an easy life on earth. Throughout their lives, He puts them to the test in order to test their faithfulness. According to the Qur’an, God deals with those who show themselves to be faithful in deeds, and those who are unfaithful in deeds are neglected.

The importance of messengers

To make himself known to his creatures, God used his prophets. The Holy Quran calls them prophets. These prophets were men who had the same attributes as their fellow men. The Creator endowed them with infinite wisdom through which they very clearly stated His thought.

His messengers taught men about ways of life that are appealing to God. These teachings contain the modalities of life that are in accordance with His will. In clearer terms, what the Supreme is looking for are men who live according to His Will. Thus, one can state that according to the Quran, Islam is submission to God.

The judgment message

When the Quran speaks of judgment, it evokes a day when all men will be rewarded according to their actions during their lives on earth. Those that will experience the peace of heaven are those who have done his will and bad people will be cast into hell. This should not be confused with death, which is only the end of human life.

The Koran is presented as the book that shows the way to avoid divine punishment. By walking according to his instructions, men will easily be able to successfully pass all the trials of life.